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SEO Copywriter UK can help you with your position in Google search, assist in advancing your Social Media to a new level and provide total online marketing for your business.

Our SEO UK services form a foundation for us to build your brand, to provide a broader audience and to educate your potential customers on all the good things you do / can offer. At SEO Copywriter UK, We are passionate about providing a first class service at great rates and focus heavily on results.

What can you expect?

We are a friendly team that want to work with you. We include our clients in every step of our SEO processes, giving clients full control. We like to start from the base up and provide a free backlink check on all sites before getting to work.

Our uncomplicated, jargon-less communication ensures our clients are always aware of what we will do for them and why. The end result is a better ranking website, with an increase in the monthly volume of traffic. The SEO Copywriter UK approach is natural and organic and always on the right side of Search Engine guidelines. Finally, our prices always mean we deliver high value for money – what we believe to be the number 1 UK SEO Copywriting service.

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It’s slightly clichéd but we’re rolling with it – At SEO Copywriter UK, we write for two audiences – The human user AND the search engine. Many other agencies use this term as well, but we believe few appreciate what it really means, or understand how to adapt their writing processes to capture both targets.

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Having a website is one thing, having a website that frequently shows up in search results is in an entirely different league. We have worked in the SEO industry for nearly ten years, adopting the Search Engines best practices, and evolving our SEO methods in line with the changes to search algorithms.

We have ensured page 1 results for a number of websites. By following out tried and tested (and tweaked!) processes, we are confident of continued SEO success. Read more


When we learnt of the negative effects of low quality links pointing to a website, we acted swiftly. Known as Google’s Penguin Update, this punishment for poor links has changed the way (or it should have!) SEO has been executed.  Read more


Social Media is now as important as your brand’s website online. Consumers have the chance to now express their feelings (both positive and negative) regarding your company. Having the chance for greater exposure and interaction with customers is a really valuable vehicle.  Read more


At SEO Copywriter UK, we excel in providing valuable Social Media Strategies that offer good ROI. One service we excel in is Facebook Management.

SEO Copywriter UK comes from the Hit Social Media, the UK’s best performing Social Media Agency based on rates and results.At Hit Social, our rates are more competitive than most agencies….and in most cases, so are the results. Read more

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