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Facebook Management


At SEO Copywriter UK, we excel in providing valuable Social Media Strategies that offer good ROI. One service we excel in is Facebook Management.

SEO Copywriter UK partners Hit Social Media, the UK’s best performing Social Media Agency based on rates and results. At Hit Social, our rates are more competitive than most agencies….and in most cases, so are the results.

Our Facebook Management services are second to none. 2 of our Social Media specialists have many years’ experience of working with major UK brands, well known comedians and other businesses on a variety of differing subjects and products.

Having a Facebook brand page is a natural progression for your business. It is also a great way to offer a front end communication system to your (future / current) consumers. Professional Facebook management is an important and valuable tool for social awareness and growth.

facebook brand management

The might of Facebook should not be underestimated or ignored. Running a page efficiently, whilst growing and entertaining / educating your audience is a little more tricky than it sounds….

This is where we come in. We provide regular content pre-approved by our clients and manage and moderate any interactions. We pass on any potential leads or enquiries as soon as they come in.

Facebook management is an absolute must in the world of social media. Managing a page includes moderating / replying to comments – positive or negative.

It is essential that a page is constantly monitored and Facebook users will expect a timely response (in most cases, they will be very appreciative of this also).

We can build your Facebook brand page from scratch, or work with what you already have in place. We are happy to offer design / content suggestions. We also include (free of charge) the installation of any apps that might assist brand awareness, we will advise on what suits each client best.

Highly impressive results at hugely impressive rates.

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