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When we learnt of the negative effects of low quality links pointing to a website, we acted swiftly. Known as Google’s Penguin Update, this punishment for poor links has changed the way (or it should have!) SEO has been executed.

Why would you need a Link Removal Service?

  • Have you noticed a drop in traffic to your website?
  • Have you lost positions in search results?
  • Does this go back as far as April 2012?

It’s most likely you have been hit by the Penguin update.

Google wanted to stamp out past unethical SEO tactics, so they released their fearsome Penguin which focused on link building from low quality sites, such as web directories, link farms and low authority websites.

In the past, it was generally very easy to obtain backlinks to a site for SEO purposes. This process now has no positive effect on search rankings. Indeed, it has a very negative effect.

Why use our Link Removal Service?

We are happy to provide a free backlink report on any website, with advice on what to do, if needed.

If the SEO Copywriter UK link removal service is required, we provide a speedy solution and get your link profile back to a standard that will satisfy even the most angry of Penguins.

You stand a much better chance of claiming back that coveted search positioning that you once had. If you are a site owner, you have nothing to lose – take advantage of our free backlink report.

In some cases (worst case), a site may have been hit with a manual penalty and this will require a more in depth approach. We will attempt to contact site owners with harmful backlinks to you and request removal. We will then follow Google’s best practices to remove the manual penalty.

Once we have restored a website, we can advise the best way forward for SEO.

If you think you’ve been ‘Penguined’, or even if you are just curious on the health of your website’s backlink profile, our free backlink report and unnatural link removal service could be just what you need…

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