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Monthly UK SEO Service

We are now happy to offer a monthly UK SEO service, where we maintain your website to the highest SEO level possible using the most up to date and compliant SEO techniques.


Monthly SEO Service

Once a site has been optimised by us, we can offer the following services –


  • Keyword tracking – We list positions in Google for target keywords, comparable to previous months positions. We will advise and undertake any actions required here.
  • Backlink tracking – We monitor all backlinks to site, and manage each one to benefit SEO. (This will include contacting site owners asking them to change anchor text, or removing if harmful to your site). We will need access to Webmaster Tools for this.


Using Webmaster Tools, We also monitor (and fix if required) the following –

    • Broken links (404 errors)
    • Crawl errors
    • Sitemaps (and any issues with)
    • Any manual actions by Google (This is very important. If any Manual Actions have been placed on site, a lengthy process will be required followed by a reconsideration request to achieve optimum site health)


We will also supply the following monthly –

    • Search Queries – We list what people are typing to find you, and advise on any changes required from this information.
    • Google Plus – In month 1, we set up a G+ page, to feature in Google local search listings. We will monitor page and add other users / businesses to your ‘circles’ on a monthly basis.


Please contact us for details of costs.

A detailed monthly report of all action / progress will be sent to you.