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About SEO Copywriter UK

SEO Copywriter UK was formed by Paul Handley in 2008 as a solo freelancer. After initial success, Paul was inundated with work and found it necessary to bring in a team. The team has evolved into a professional online marketing outfit – a bit of a monster.

The team is part of Hit Social, predominantly a Social Media service. The SEO industry is becoming increasingly linked to Social Media and it made sense to offer the two services.

With Paul at the helm, Hit Social now have 2 recognised SEO copywriters, 3 talented Social Media community managers, 1 SEO apprentice as well as a sub team of trusted sub-contractors (all UK based) used for specific roles.

We are passionate about building relationships. Not just those we have with our clients, but also those that clients might have with potential customers.

Our SEO copywriting service and all other SEO services are all ‘White-Hat’, meaning we do nothing un-ethical, adhering to the very latest Search Engine guidelines. Combined, we have over 15 years SEO experience and have our fingers firmly on the pulse.

Our professional approach means constant success and continued results for all of our clients.

Why not give SEO Copywriter UK a try? We are not here to disappoint.

Highly impressive results at hugely impressive rates.

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