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Social Media for Charities

Social Media for Charities

Whilst working with fundraising organisation Choose MAD on their Facebook campaign (over 10,000 likes in 4 months), I became aware of the growing need for a Social Media for Charities service.

Social Media can be an effective channel for charities, with an alternative and effective way of reaching supporters and increasing awareness and even donations. The main message I kept getting was that although charities wanted to be more active in Social Media, they were unsure where to start.

Social Media For Charities

The Social Media for Charities service that I offer includes all Social Networks. Some networks work better for different charities and I can advise each charity the best way forward.

Google Adwords Charity Grant

As a registered charity, Google will give you $10,000 to use on Adwords – Pay Per Click (PPC) every month. The Google Adwords Charity Grant is there for all charities to use. I can help you apply for the Google Adwords Charity Grant. As long as you are a registered charity, you should qualify, the criteria is not too strict.

I can also help source the best target keywords to use in this free advertising campaign and run the campaign for you.

I will take care of everything here, all you need to do is deal with the extra enquiries coming in from your website! (What are you waiting for?!!!)

Why should charities use Social Media?

Charities simply cannot ignore Social Media, it’s just too good an opportunity to miss. In today’s modern world, these networks can be successful in recruiting new supporters, starting a two way conversation, showcase charity successes and encourage people to sign up to the latest fundraising initiatives.

The value of Social Media for charities is immense. A source of information and rallying calls of support, the positive sentiment gained from a successful Social Media campaign is huge.

Utilising Social Media to its full capabilities should include an element of humanisation, connecting with your followers. This will lead to stronger support and is likely to help increase donations.

Why should charities use my Social Media for Charities service?

If anyone ever states Social Media is free, do not believe them. A Social Network run correctly takes time and effort. Most charities simply do not have this time to spare, so I offer a great alternative. By allowing me to run a charity’s Social Network, the charity in question can concentrate elsewhere, with the knowledge that their Social Media is taken care of.

Because I do this 24/7 and have done for some time now, I am good at what I do. I am also time efficient, meaning I can deliver what is required in less time than it might take a charity to do the same.

Another good reason why charities should use me is that I offer a discount on my services to all registered charities, please see below. (For Google Adwords Charity Grant, please make contact to discuss further)

 Social Media Charity prices

If you would like to discuss how I can help provide a professional Social Media for Charities service for you, please make contact today.

Let’s get your charity social.