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It’s slightly clichéd but we’re rolling with it – At SEO Copywriter UK, we write for two audiences – The human user AND the search engine.

Many other agencies use this term as well, but we believe few appreciate what it really means, or understand how to adapt their writing processes to capture both targets.

SEO Copywriting is a skill where two techniques are honed into one powerful formula for continued SEO success.

You need to be able to write well enough to grab the user’s attention, to provide exactly what they are looking for, in an easy to digest formula. You need to keep people on your site, and only brilliant copy will do that.

Search Engines do not care for attention grabbing well written copy, they seek markers of authority and clear signals of keywords within the website. We make sure to include what is necessary before stepping over the fine line of over-optimisation.

Our SEO Copywriting for websites creates a buzz for both audiences, leading to a rise in visitors to your site and in educating / converting potential customers.

We also provide SEO Copywriting for Blogs, providing great content on a regular basis. The power of a blog should not be underestimated. Why?

  • A Blog can provide another resource for increasing visitors to your site. By focusing on niche keywords, we are able to target smaller audience levels for a keyword that would not have been used on the main site.
  • It can be essential in providing current / potential customers with the latest developments within a company. Connected up to Social Networks, the blog can become an important marketing tool.
  • Possibly the most important aspect of a blog is the regular, unique content we are feeding to the Search Engines. They love nothing more than new content, and we believe a regular blog can be rewarded with a higher overall search position.

We have seen this happen with our clients. A static site might just sit in the same place within Google. When you add in more regular online content, the sites (as well as the blog) rise in search results.

We will work with our clients to produce a list of article titles. We then write the blog articles and submit to client for approval. We then add to the blog with all the correct SEO in place.

We are happy to provide blog articles at a frequency dictated by our clients, but would recommend a minimum of 4 a month.


Here are two examples of success using a blog.

  • Lamb tagine recipe
  • seo for wordpress.com blogs
  • Les Borjs de la Kasbah
  • SEO Copywriter UK
  • Page 1 Position 5
  • Page 1, position 6

Talk to us today about our Search Engine Optimised Copywriting services, it will be the first stage to a better ranking website.

Highly impressive results at hugely impressive rates.

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