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Having a website is one thing, having a website that frequently shows up in search results is in an entirely different league. We have worked in the SEO industry for nearly ten years, adopting the Search Engines best practices, and evolving our SEO methods in line with the changes to search algorithms.

We have ensured page 1 results for a number of websites. By following out tried and tested (and tweaked!) processes, we are confident of continued SEO success.

SEO is an ever changing process.

Some practices that worked two or three years ago can now be harmful to your website. Having an SEO company that keeps up with the changes is vital. We were one of the first agencies to offer a backlink removal service to combat Google’s algorithm Penguin, which targeted sites with a portfolio of low quality links.

Our On Site SEO methods include our clients every step of the way.

We undertake a thorough keyword research and provide our findings in an easy to understand report. For us, a keyword is only important when two factors are built in – the number of searches and the level of other sites competing in Google search results for that keyword – Our keyword report identifies these metrics and allows us to make a more informed choice of which keywords to optimise a site for.

Once we have agreed on keywords, our team copy over the full website onto a word document and manipulate slightly to enhance the On Site SEO. We submit the document for approval, allowing the client total control and final say.

If required, we are available to re-write the text on the web page, or supply new text if none is all available. Any text we supply will always be Search Engine Optimised.

Prior to this, if the site requires, we run a (free of charge) backlink check. This is crucial to SEO as poor quality links can really affect your site’s rankings. We will advise on any links which should be considered for removal.

We then implement all the changes required to the website, including SEO titles and meta data. We correct any 404 errors and request a re-crawl from Google.

The end result is a website in good health from a Search Engine’s perspective, and one that they will pay attention to in the future. We send out all the correct signals to get a site ranking for specific phrases and keywords.

Correct SEO is as important as a great looking website – it could even be seen as being more important.

If you want to be placed on page 1 of Google search and increase the number of visits to your site, you need to make contact with us!



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