#SEO – Important! Is your website Mobile Friendly?

#SEO – Important! Is your website Mobile Friendly?

If you own a website that is not mobile friendly, you have until 21st April to make changes. Failure to do so will result in Google de-ranking your site in mobile search results….

Sorry for the harsh intro, but the above is a fact. A lot of sites are going to be hurt in Google search results from the 21st onwards – and some companies do not seem to be doing anything about it.


Mobile usage of internet continues to grow and has overtaken desktop searches. Collectively our habits have changed and the majority of us own a smartphone.

We use these smartphones or tablets to access the internet on a daily basis. It’s become habit.

Most websites have been built for desktop viewing only. Last year saw a wave of ‘responsive’ websites that could be viewed from any device, mobile or desktop. These sites are the way forward and will appease the latest algorithm.

Google wants to make it easier for people using mobile devices to access websites and to have a good experience in doing so. This is why non mobile-friendly sites will be penalised.

The algorithm update is expected to be more significant (and devastating?) than two of its previous, more well-known updates, Google Penguin (bad links) and Google Panda (low quality / duplicate content).

The new update will display “more mobile-friendly websites in search results” on mobile devices.

So, what do you do?

First, use Google’s mobile friendly site checker. It’s simple, paste in your site URL and wait for an analysis – it’s a yes or no.

If your site comes up not mobile friendly, talk to your web designer.

Or come to us. We can turnaround a mobile friendly version of a site in good time and for a great rate.

Whatever you do, do not do nothing.

Here is a chance to rank higher by being mobile friendly and also a chance to watch your non mobile friendly competitors fall from Google search.

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