The importance of professional security services for WordPress sites

WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) with 23{71129efee9605c221ccef8d00880dcd297bad6bb4085abacbeaa3522093a17f8} of all websites globally using it – this figure is rising rapidly with 50,000 new WordPress websites created EVERY DAY!

A negative to these amazing stats are that the platform has now become a real target for hackers. The popularity of WordPress has lead to a heightened level of attacks and it is becoming a real issue.

One of our own personal sites was hacked last week and sent out 1000’s of spam emails. This happened because we failed to update to the latest version of WordPress and update some plugins. Old versions of WordPress and old plugins have vulnerabilities which hackers (and even hacking bots) take advantage of.

Professional WordPress Support

We managed to get the site in question fixed, by using Professional WordPress Support. The service comes as a one off fix and then can come with a monthly service, where security is monitored. These guys take care of all updates and will backup the site before any maintenance is done – to ensure your site;

1) Never breaks

2) Has increased security in place

If you own a WordPress site, it is essential you consider taking up a service like this. It’s all too easy to break a site by trying to update a plugin, or by installing a new version of WordPress. And with the security element being a huge risk, this service is now more important than ever.

Some tips –

1) Remove any plugins that you are not using

2) Always take backups of the site before you try to upgrade or install new plugins or versions of WordPress.

3) Always upgrade or install new plugins or versions of WordPress as soon as possible.

If any of the above is too complicated, get in touch with Professional WordPress Support before it’s too late!

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