Blog Copywriting Service

SEO Blog Copywriting offers many returns essential to continued SEO success.


We also provide a Blog Copywriting service, producing great blog content on a regular basis. The power of a blog should not be underestimated. Here is why…


Targeting Audiences


Our Blog Copywriting service can provide another resource for increasing visitors to your site. By focusing on niche keywords, we can target smaller audience levels for a keyword that would not have been used on the main site.


It can be essential in providing current / potential customers with the latest developments within a company, as well as offering detailed information on services/products, advice and/or hints, tips and tricks not available on other pages of a Website.


Connected to Social Networks, a blog can become an important marketing tool.

At SEO Copywriter UK, we supply search engine optimised blog content on any area.


We write all forms of blog content well – clients include specialist glass manufacturers, OTC treatments, dog training, travel, health and beauty, finance and everything in between.

Blog Copywriting and Search Engines


Possibly the most important aspect of a blog is the regular, unique content we are feeding to the Search Engines.


They love nothing more than new content, and we believe a regularly updated blog can be rewarded with a higher overall search position.


We have seen this happen with our clients. A static site might just sit in the same place within Google. When you add in fresh online content on a regular basis, the site (as well as the blog) can rise significantly within search results.

An example of just 1 blog article for one of our clients. This has brought in over 1000 visits, every month, for the last six years…

How We Work


Closely cooperating with our clients, we begin the Blog Copywriting service process by producing a list of article titles. We then write the blog articles – ensuring relevant keywords are included in a natural, flowing manner – and submit them to the clients for approval.


Having obtained our clients’ approval, we then add these articles to the blog with all the correct SEO in place.


Recommended Frequency of Blog Content

We are happy to provide blog articles at any frequency dictated by our clients. For optimal results, we would, however, recommend a minimum of 4 articles per month.

Take your first step towards achieving better Website rankings by talking to us about your blog copywriting requirements today.

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